Wednesday, June 30, 2010

#31 Klaskish Basin

On Wednesday, we awoke to bright sunshine, the first time in several weeks! At 7AM we pulled the hook and headed back out into the ocean for Klaskish Basin, a 4-hour cruise. The sea today wasn't too bumpy, all interior objects stayed in place. Before entering the anchorage, we set the prawn trap in what looked like a deep hole.

Klaskish Basin is basically landlocked, except for it's narrow entrance. This well-protected anchorage keeps out all brisk winds. It's location is convenient for an early morning departure for rounding Brooks Peninsula.

The entrance to Klaskish Basin is skinny!

We launched the tender and explored Klaskish River, at the head of the basin. Sorry, no bears.

The prawn trap yielded no prawns. However, this slimy creature shimmied into the bait bag. Not so sure this guy tastes as good as prawns. Alex finally convinced Dick that it would NOT be a tasty dinner!

Brooks Peninsula is considered by some to be the Cape Horn of the Pacific. Its winds and seas can be ferocious. We'll leave early for the 4-hour run around Cape Scott and Brooks Peninsula to the small community of Kyuquot, a community reported to have dining options. At last something besides Alex's wieners and beans!

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