Tuesday, June 29, 2010

#30 Port Alice and Julian Cove

Each evening at 5PM Alex uses his ham radio to check into the BC Boaters Net. The Net is a network of ham radio operators on boats up and down Vancouver island: from Victoria and Vancouver in the south, to the northwestern tip of Vancouver Island, covering some 600 miles of coastline. These boaters use the net to share information and weather. During last night's Net check-in, Alex happened to mention the Wild Blue was headed to Coal Harbour, so it could taxi it to Port Hardy to retrieve the water pump ordered last week. Hearing that, the Net controller, a man named David from nearby Port Alice, volunteered to drive us to Port Hardy.

So Tuesday, instead of Coal Harbour, we detoured to Port Alice to meet David and Louise, two retired folks who live year round in this small town of 800 persons. After a short 90 minute cruise, we pulled into the Port Alice Yacht Club. The Club had no available space at the dock, so we tied to the breakwater, a floating breakwater made up of large logs chained to the ocean floor.

Wild Blue tied to log breakwater at the Port Alice Yacht Club.

Mooring was easy! Just hook up to the steel loops.

The Port Alice Yacht Club sits just in front of the town.

Once safely moored, it was our job to get ashore. We quickly launched the tender and motored over to a dinghy dock meeting David and Louise. These two Canadians were a kick! Dick and Alex climbed in a new Ford Taurus crossover for a 20-mile ride to Port Hardy. While there we shopped, picked up two packages, and provisioned with more groceries including a fresh supply of Lake Smelt.

David and Louise were gracious hosts treating us to a grand tour of Port Hardy, Coal Harbour and Port Alice. We learned about the Port Alice pulp mill where David worked for 20+ years. The four of us dined a the local favorite cafe and enjoyed great conversations. Dick surreptitiously picked up the table check and treated us.

Tug with empty log barge after dumping it's logs at the Port Alice pulp mill.

After a busy day of "land cruising" David delivered back to PAYC. Once back aboard, we motored up Neroutsos Inlet to Julian Cove for the night.

Julian Cove is another peaceful and beautiful anchorage.

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  1. Look at these pictures! Really amazing and natural beauty. They remind me the "Jammu and kashmir" of India.