Sunday, June 6, 2010

#11 Back to Sullivan Bay

Today we arose early for a 3-hour cruise to Sullivan Bay just across the Queen Charlotte Strait. The Bay is a good starting point for heading north, around Cape Caution on the way to Alaska, however we are using it as our first stop on our cruise to Belize Inlet. The sea was flat and the 6AM winds were calm.

Yesterday we focused on supplies. We marketed for fresh produce then stocked up on Sleamans Honey Brown lager. If it warms up we'll need it to keep the crew from mutiny. After all, later this cruise we visit Bligh Island. That's right, the island is named after the famous Captain Bligh, although he was Lieutenant Bligh at the time, under Captain Vancouver. Yes, we must keep our crew happy!

While testing gear on Saturday, noticed a small seawater leak under the generator raw water pump. This is a sign the shaft seal is wearing out. Ordered another complete pump online via Ebay. Hope to get it shipped to Port McNeill later this month for pickup. More on this later.

Just as we left left Port McNeill we encountered a flotilla of small fishing boats led by the mothership Northern Rendezvous. Pat thinks the fisherman and gudes stay about the mothership, while alex thinks the boats are on the way to a lodge further north.

Fishing Convoy with Mothership

Malcolm Island's Pulteney Point Light Station

Pacific Coastal now offers floatplane service to the Broughton Island region, something new for them. This flew in-and-out of Sullivan Bay.

Moored at last in Sullivan Bay just behind Seeker, a another great Selene yacht.

In Sullivan Bay met up with Mike and Susie on Seeker, another Selene. The Seeker owners are from San Luis Obispo as well. Amazing that of the about 350 Selene boats worldwide, two are owned by residents of the same, rural California County.

Dinner tonight at the Sullivan Bay restaurant is turkey cooked in hot oil! Even Willie Bird's mouth will be watering for a taste of that bird. Last bird we tasted, boiled in hot oil, was prepared by Cousin Bob before a UCLA basketball game, some 15+ years ago. It was grrrrrrreat!

Early tomorrow we hope to get out on the Strait early headed for Allison Harbour near to Nawankto Rapids and the entrance to Belize Inlet. See you then.

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