Sunday, June 13, 2010

#18 Kwatsi Bay

It was just another 1-hour run from Echo Bay to Kwatsi Bay. The Bay is located on the north side of Tribune Channel along BC's Queen Charlotte Strait coastline. Of course there's no roads only float plane and boat service. About 300 feet of dockspace keep the Kwatsi Bay Marina ( intimate. Max and Anca run this outstation in a pretty waterfall setting inside a protected bay.

The highlight of the day is the afternoon happy hour as visiting boat crews gather under the covered patio with their favorite beverage and appetizers. Today the dock was filled with Gibson Yacht Club boats and we joined the camaraderie at happy hour. As usual lively conversion ranged from the Vancouver Olympics, to life in Gibsons, to family life at Kwatsi Bay.

The Gibsons Yacht Club Fleet.

Max and Anca have raised two children in this remote spot. Initially the kids were home-schooled. Now teenagers, they attend school across the Strait in Port McNeill and live with Anca while Max tends to the business at Kwatsi Bay.

We've always wondered how it would be raising children in such a remote, isolated area. One result appears universal: after chatting with parents that raised kids in Wrangell Alaska, Greenway Sound, and Echo Bay, the adult children most always move away to the cities. As Echo Bay Pierre's children put it "Hey dad, it's your dream we've been living, not ours!".

Beautiful waterfall in Kwatsi Bay.

Wild Blue alone on the dock.

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