Monday, June 21, 2010

#23 Beaver Harbour

Beaver Harbour is just 90 minutes from Sointula and another 30 minutes from Port Hardy, where we need to be on Tuesday. So today we had an easy cruise around the top of Malcolm Island and directly to Beaver Harbour. It's not really a harbour, just a group if islands in a large bay with generally good anchorages.

The weather for the last two days has been nice. But before that, there was three weeks with very little sunshine. Weather is supposed to go overcast and rainy again mid-week which begs the question: "When does summer start this year?"

The Port Hardy (and Port McNeill) airport has an ocean view. Beaver Harbour is in the flight path, 3 miles to the west.

Pat has been gardening along the way. She collects things on our forest walks: moss, ground cover and, well maybe, mushrooms. She made a delicious mushroom salad with olive oil, lemon, sliced mushrooms, peppers, and bacon bits. Not really sure where she got the mushrooms, but I'm hoping they're okay!
Pat's mushroom salad. We're still alive so far!

We've been seeing many Selene Trawlers out cruising this season. In fact, that's the most common sight lately. Since we started in May, we've seen 15 different Selenes! Today we note a Selene comming straight at us from 3 miles away. It's Derek and Karen on Sea Pal a Selene 55 on their way to Alaska and spending the night anchored near us in Beaver Harbour. They arrived at 8PM after a 14-hour cruise from Campbell River. Wow!

Along with Sea Pal, Procyon (Paul and Ruth), Bonaventure (Rick and Liz), Spirit (Patrick and Miriam), and Seeker (Mike and Suzie) , and Z-Worthy (Ron and Bonnie) are in, or on their way to AK.

Sea Pal arrives in Beaver Harbour after 14 hours from Campbell River. Go get some sleep Derek!

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