Friday, June 11, 2010

#16 Greenway Sound is open!

Today we head for another local boaters resort: Greenway Sound. This resort has been operated bay the same couple for three decades, but this year they sold out to a new couple. The new owners are busy making improvements before the official season starts on July 1.

We departed late morning, dodging the commercial prawn boats and a school of dolphins. Within an hour we turned into Greenway Sound on Broughton Island and the GS Resort. Tom Taylor the original owner greeted us and took our lines. Tom and Ann are helping the new owners Trip and Kathy Rumberger and staff get situated.

The season is young and we were the only visitors. The resort contains 2700 feet of two-sided docks. Walk it twice to stretch your legs for a mile. The news owners are quite friendly and ready to continue the fine tradition the Taylors have fostered over 3 decades. The restaurant will continue it's unique and popular menu. It appears that Greenway Sound Resort is in very capable hands and will continue to be successful.

We launched the dinghy, set our prawn trap close by, and took a hike to Broughton Lake. It was supposed to be a 20-minutes walk but Pat and I can easily make 20 minutes into 40.

Pat's ready for the hike to Broughton Lake.
Logging has been and continues to be the main product of Broughton Island area. Besides drinking water, Broughton Lake was used for floating logs to the steam donkey for the long pull down to Greenway Sound.

Loggers memorial on the shore of Broughton Lake.

Pat's plant lesson on lower GI techniques: This is skunk cabbage. When a bear fist comes out of hibernation he eats skunk cabbage to clean himself out! Just for your information.

The clean waters around Greenway Sound Resort reflect the surroundings on the glassy water surface.

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