Tuesday, May 15, 2018

2018-07 What Comes DOWN Must Go UP, or Avoiding the "Baja Bash"

May 15, 2018: La Paz, Mexico

In October-November, 2017 the Wild Blue cruised down the California and Mexican Coasts to La Paz, Mexico.  This downwind-downswell run is, and was, quite enjoyable.  Cruising up these Coasts, that is upwind and upwave, is less so.  In fact this up coastwise trek has been nicknamed the "Baja Bash".  Regardless, what goes DOWN must come UP, one way or another!

In mid-May the Wild Blue was loaded aboard the AAL SINGAPORE cargo ship for delivery from La Paz, Mexico to Victoria, BC.  More information and full Blog entry to follow.

The AAL SINGAPORE anchored in La Paz Bay, Mexico.
The AAL SINGAPORE prepares to load the 75 foot SV Holo Makai.
MV Wild Blue is ready to be lifted aboard AAL SINGAPORE.
Note diver (lower left) has inspected belt positions under the hull
 and is helping adjust for a level lift.
AAL SINGAPORE's 350 Metric Ton crane
easily lifts 50-ton Wild Blue aboard.
MV Wild Blue aboard AAL SINGAPORE's port side
ready to cruise from La Paz to Victoria.

May 23, 2018:  Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

After an 11-day motor up the Mexico and California coasts, the AAL Singapore with 40+ yachts aboard is passing Victoria, now bound for Nanaimo, BC.  Turns out cruise ships are using the large berths in Victoria at Ogden Point, so the Port re-routed the AAL Singapore to Nanaimo for offload.  The operations for  offloading of 25 yachts begins tomorrow, Thursday, and continues through Saturday.  The Wild Blue is set to splash down at 0900 Friday, if all goes as planned. Considering the 11-day delay and offload port change, we will be happy to see Wild Blue in the water anytime on Friday!

Here's the offload sequence:  Ocean Alexander 82, Nordhavn 60, Viking 70, Egg Harbour 33, Silverton, Nordhavn 43, Oyster 72, Pacific Seacraft 34, Catalina 42, Catalina 34, Fast Passage 39, Hans Christian 43, Trawler 49, Selene 53, Lacco 45, Nautical 43, Oyster 886, Lagoon 57, Ocean Alexander 70, Hylas 70, Merritt 46, PJ 100, Prestige 50, Crescent 104, and Burger 82.

Once in the water, we'll motor the Wild Blue southward towards the boat's winter home in Anacortes, WA arriving early next week.

AAL SINGAPORE passing Victoria, BC, Canada with the Olympic
mountain range of the USA in the background.

Wild Blue still looks to be clinging to AAL SINGAPORE's port side
just behind the 2nd crane from the bow.