Thursday, June 10, 2010

#15 Sullivan Bay Yet Again

The weather blew outside the Inlets last night but we barely felt anything in Nugent Cove. High winds are forecast for the next several days and the few minutes of cell phone service shows Alex has many messages. So we plan to exit the Inlets via Nakwakto Rapids, of course, and anchor in Miles Inlet just off the QC Strait and hopefully in cell range.

We now know to add, not subtract, an hour to the Canadian current table and compute slack tide at 9:53AM. We pull our single trap and are able to plan on prawns in cocktail sauce for tonight's starting course, but our catch does not provide a huge bounty: prawn omelets, BBQ prawns, and prawns in pasta will have to wait.

By 9AM we are underway towards the Rapids and this time we arrive at 10AM near slack, with less than a knot of current. We follow Schooner Channel out to the QC Strait and note 1-meter seas and a building breeze. After a short conference, the Admiral OKs a return to Sullivan Bay. We ran downwind along QC Strait northeastern coastline with following seas and a 2+ knot current push. As wind and sea built the boat easily handled to conditions and we arrived after 2PM.

We passed 2 long-liners on the way north to Alaska for the summer fisheries openings.

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