Monday, June 14, 2010

#19 Back to Lagoon Cove

Once again Environment Canada is announcing high wind warnings for the BC Inside Passage. So today we'll head to a favorite location, Lagoon Cove. It's a 3-hour motor down Tribune Channel, an easy sail. We see a couple boats headed for Kwatsi Bay.

We arrive at 4PM and tie up with about 5 other boats. An excited Bill Barber, proprietor, is yaking about "potluck night". "We have fresh prawns, crab and BBQ salmon. Just prepare a sidedish and bring it up to the dock at 6." So Pat put on her "top chef" hat and within an hour homemade potatoe salad was chilling in the fridge. Some 15 crusisers enjoyed a spectacular northwest BBQ cusine with many homemade delicacies including Ann Barber's fresh tartar sauce. I think we'll stay here awhile.

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