Thursday, May 31, 2012

#17 - Ketchikan to Meyers Chuck

After purchasing 7-day licenses for the fishing crew and last minute provisioning, we left busy Ketchikan City Float a bit after noontime for points north.  The town is bustling with three cruise ships in port and navigating between ships, boats and seaplanes to "get out of town" is a chore.  Soon we cleared Tongrass Narrows into Clarence Strait losing the traffic and beginning to feel a hint of ocean swell.

Our Route from Ketchikan to Meyers Chuck

The ships were in and the City was busy.

Vince tries to stare down the Zuiderdam

Planes, ships and boats congested the City's waterfront.

We slowly made our way up the Cleaveland Peninsula and in no-time (about 3 hours) arrived at our destination.  Meyers Chuck is a small bay with a public dock and about 25 homes scattered around the shoreline.  Our late afternoon arrival assured us that the dock would be full so we anchored in the center of town.  A happy hour party began on the dock but the Wild Blue crew was too pooped to launch the dinghy.  Our sole contact with the good people of Meyers Chuck occurred the next morning when the local baker delivered hot cinnamon rolls to our door.   

The public dock was full so we anchored in the center of town.

About 25 bayfront homes line the shore of Meyers Chuck.

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