Tuesday, May 1, 2012

#5 Gorge Harbour Again this Year

Today we awoke early to a quiet harbor.  The ocean just outside Sturt Bay looked flat and calm so we expedited our morning routine and cast off at 6AM.  Gray skies with clearing potential accompanied us on the way to Gorge Harbour.  Halfway into the 4-hour motor, we noticed the Selene Seeker 12 miles ahead on AIS rounding Cape Mudge for a Campbell River shopping stop.

Hail to the Wild Blue

With less than 2 miles to the Gorge Harbor entrance, a giant storm dumped on us!  Big rain drops, then hail started bouncing and filling the decks.  Suddenly the navigation GPS failed, most likely caused by static electricity in the air.  Later we determined a regulator power supply had been fried, killing power to the main GPS.  Luckily our back up chartplotter, the old Garmin 3010C, kept functioning throughout so we didn't get lost, or even rub the sides of the skinny Gorge Harbour entrance channel.  We tied up at the Gorge Harbour Resort, one of the best maintained and provisioned resorts on the BC Coast.

Love birds in Gorge Harbour.

Two geese a-laying.

The new-ish and well-maintained docks.

One of the resort accommodations.

Pat's lamb rib chops, polenta with tomato-bean salsa, and rainbow chard. A lemon and oil tossed salad was served on the  side.

Of course Alex skipped the meat.  Lately he has been attempting to limit meat, approach vegetarianism, with a goal of veganism.  Although he's consumed only four meals with meat since January, he still consumes seafood, so his goal is probably difficult without further sacrifice.  All this being the result of watching the "Forks Over Knives" film (documentary?).  It's on Netflix.

Tomorrow we will motor through Surge Narrows, near slack current, then the Upper Rapids, and squirt out onto Johnstone Strait.  Blind Channel or maybe Lagoon Cove could be destination.  Tomorrow then.....

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