Wednesday, May 30, 2012

#16 - Back to Alaska

On Wednesday we recrossed the Dixon Entrance by jet and set down at Ketchikan Airport ready to resume our summer cruising.  We were accompanied by our friends from San Luis Obispo, the Fontes and the Frenches.  This group are Wild Blue veterans having experienced the best and worst that Mother nature can dish out while aboard, yet they keep coming back year after year. They'll crew with us from Ketchikan to Sitka with stops at Meyers Chuck, Prince of Wales, Kupreanof, Kuiu and Baranof Islands.

After crossing the airport "bridge to no where" via ferry boat, we arrived to find the boat in great shape and set about assembling the new fish table.  Even though we don't catch a bunch of fish, we want to look like we do, hence the table.

We'll get started to Sitka tomorrow after provisioning and dining in Ketchikan.

Pat's plants grew without an attending gardener.

The boat looks way more Alaskan with this fish table.

Where's the fish?

Marianne and Vince Fonte, Chuck and Carolyn French the Wild Blue crew to Sitka.

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