Wednesday, May 9, 2012

#12 Incredible Roscoe Inlet

This past few days we encouraged the Seeker crew to visit Bella Coola and Eucott Bay and they seemed impressed.  Nevertheless, all week long they've been ranting and raving about Roscoe Inlet.  Today the Wild Blue crew followed Seeker as we departed Ocean Falls, yanked up our crab traps, setting a course for the bitter end of Roscoe Inlet.  By the way, the Seeker trap yielded 6 large male crabs, primarily because they fish crab with organic chicken breasts.  Our leftover $29 Canadian lamb loin bones were not a hit with any sea creatures.  Even the ubiquitous starfish shunned the lamb. Thankfully the Seeker crew offered to share their bounty.

It's a 6-hour motor from Ocean Falls to the end of Roscoe Inlet: first it's down Cousins Inlet, then up Johnson Channel, and then the Inlet begins.  A 50-mile run to get just 5 miles north of Ocean Falls!  However we began to be impressed as we cleared Roscoe Narrows, with 90 minutes to go!  Giant snow-covered peaks begin to line the route at the Narrows.

50-mile journey to get 5 miles north of Ocean Falls.

Snow covered high peaks line Roscoe Inlet

Think of all the granite counter-tops this mountain would provide!

We continued following Seeker deeper into the Inlet, seeing no other boats, and losing all radio contact with the outside.  The mountains cast long shadows, further enhancing that feeling of isolation.  The ocean was glassy and the wind calm.  The scenery was as breathtaking and the feeling was spooky!. Suddenly a storm began pelting us with hail as it snowed up high. It was a short-lived storm and we were brought back to reality as Seeker decided to set a prawn trap.

Ribbon waterfall from up high.

At long last we reached the bitter end of the Inlet and anchored in deep water of 75 and 100 feet. This is a spectacular place rivaling Princess Louisa Inlet.  We will make this anchorage again on our return from Alaska. 

Tomorrow we need to get going back on the Inside Passage.  We will leave the Seeker crew to enjoy Roscoe for another day.   Tonight it's fresh crab and stuffed grape leaves to celebrate.  Chow....

Seeker's anchorage and view at the end of Roscoe Inlet.  Not bad!

 Wild Blue's view.

Stuffed lamb grape leaves, warm Ocean Falls Dungeness crab, and stuffed vegetarian grape leaves capped a great spring cruise with the Seeker crew.

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