Friday, June 1, 2012

#18 - Exchange Cove: Crab World

After Meyers Chuck cinnamon rolls we started today's cruise at 10AM.  Once outside into Clarence Strait, the ocean stayed relatively flat under gray skies with light rain, our weather for the last several days.  We slowly made our way to the east side of Prince of Wales Island looking for fish on the sonar.  We started trolling at Beck Island Light just north of Coffman Cove, and continued northward towards our destination. After about 90 minutes of no activity we gave up on the salmon hoping for the crabs in Exchange Cove.

Our route from Meyers Chuck to Exchange Cove

We entered the Cove dropping two crab traps on the way inside, and anchoring at the southeast end.  The rain abated and we had the Cove to ourselves.  After a couple hours and a glass or two of Pinot, we pulled the traps and retrieved 5 crabs, 4 females and a large male.  The females were freed because of Woman's Rights and all, but the male became our dinner appetizer. We reset the crab traps to see if more men crabs remain.

Beautiful Exchange Cove looks even better as the rain stops.

This big male Dungenous crab debuted on the new fish table.  He received rave reviews from the Wild Blue crew!


  1. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  2. Exchange Cove? Man, you are taxing my memory, looks like a neighbor to Shrubby and Bushy Islands and just N. of Whale Pass except I remember them being a bit further south. Now I'm going to have to look at a chart. Thanks for this blog!