Saturday, May 5, 2012

#7 Across the Strait, Through the Sound, Around the Cape

Lagoon Cove is so hospitable. Usually the cruisers meet at Lagoon's boat house on the pier for fresh BC prawns, snacks, beverages and sometimes dinner. Since the Lagoon folks were just arriving, we enjoyed dining with the Seeker crew.  

Thursday's dinner topic was the coming rugged weather, keeping us pinned down on the protected inside waters.  It looked as though we might be confined to points below Cape Caution for several days as the weather passed.  Seeker and Wild Blue would be cruising together for several days so Friday's plan was to push northwest towards Cape Caution, bailing out to a secure cove when the ride became too uncomfortable.

Lagoon Cove's Boat House.

With high winds forecast for Friday, we left Lagoon Cove at after 8AM, sort of late for making any distance as we expected to be detouring to Sullivan Bay, Blunden Harbor, or Allison Cove, protected weather anchorages for crossing the Queen Charlotte Strait and Sound before rounding Cape Caution. We motored out onto the Strait and the wind was 10 knots or less, so we continued passing Sullivan Bay.  Then we made Blunden Harbour with light winds and moderate seas and decided to continue.  At Allison Cove with a West Sea Otter Buoy forecast of less than a meter seas, we decided tp round Cape Caution while the "getting was good".  We ended the day at 8:30PM anchored in little Frypan secure in light winds.

Our 12-hour run from Lagoon Cove to Frypan Anchorage.

Seeker rounds last point at Rivers Inlet, turning towards Frypan Anchorage.

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