Monday, May 7, 2012

#10 Pretty Eucott Bay

The Wild Blue had stopped by Eucott Bay on the return Alaska cruise last August, and it reminded us a bit of Yosemite.  After our ranting and raving, the Seeker crew was eager to visit the Bay. It’s a short 3-hour tour from Bella Coola to Eucott.  The Bay is shallow so best to arrive on a plus tide, which we did at about 11AM.  As we crept into the Bay Seeker noticed an 8-foot shallow spot, meaning there was less than 3 feet under the keel.  Nice to have a rising tide!  Also, it would have been nice to realize at that point the tide was +5 feet, having been ½ foot 3 hours earlier.

Seeker pushes water so photographer Susie can get her shot.

Seeker and Wild Blue at anchor in pretty Eucott Bay.

Eucott has a natural hot springs which has been improved by the locals.  Of course we had the Bay and hot springs to ourselves, but were more excited by a large bear feeding along the shore.  Our first dinghy ride ashore spooked the shy bear inland.  Meanwhile we set crab and prawn traps, explored the creeks and hot springs.  After lunch Pat said I wouldn’t be able to get near enough to the ursus beast to capture a decent photo.  I took up the challenge. 

The bear was feeding again.  Not long out of hibernation, the bears dine on roots and grasses along the shore, while they wait for the salmon and berries.  I slowly motored the dinghy at low rpm, toward the bear from downwind, inching my way closer.  A few geese startled and flew off but the bear found a sweet root and stayed on.  I was close enough…. the new Lumix 20X zoom captured several great shots.  I guess you really don’t have to get that close anymore.

Bear poses for his photo.

Yum, I like salad!

Tonight the tide drops from a high of +17 to a low of +5 so we won't rub bottom while we sleep.  Captain Mike and Alex negotiate tomorrow's exit for Ocean Falls on the rising morning tide. Mike seems to question this happy hour navigation decision, but the evening ends with an11AM exit at +5 rising tide. 

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