Thursday, July 29, 2010

#54 Bremerton

We dined at Ray's Boathouse last night with throngs of other tourists. The food was good but Alex could have used a hearing aid due to the noisy dining room. Today we cruise to Bremerton marina.

On the way to Bremerton we passed Elliott Bay and the City of Seattle.

Bremerton is a ship town. It's a port where aircraft carriers, submarines, destroyers and other naval ships of war are repaired and serviced. It has a large ship employment population along with museums, warship tours and a newer marina. We plan to tour the Turner Joy, a Vietnam era destroyer moored at the north side of the marina.

The Turner Joy is one of the US warships that participated in the 1964 Vietnam "The Gulf of Tonkin" incident, the beginning of the war.

After touring the ship, we visited the Puget Sound Naval Museum at Bremerton. The exhibits featured several warships based out of or serviced at the local shipyard. For dinner, Pat cooked up some southern fried chicken, something we haven't enjoyed in years.

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