Tuesday, July 20, 2010

#47 Victoria

Tuesday was a lazy 2-hour cruise into city civilization. We left soon after 8AM to get the boys to Victoria around 10 so they could catch the bus to Butchart Gardens. The ocean was flat, the sun was out, it was a busy summer day on the water with many ships, boats, float planes converging with us to Victoria Harbour. We followed the Black Ball ferry Coho into the Harbour and contacted the Harbour Authority, who assigned us moorage directly in front of the Empress. While the boys do the Gardens, Alex will do high tea at the Empress. NOT!

The Empress this morning.

The Empress this evening.

Victoria is the home of the Provincial Government of British Columbia. This is the Provincial Capitol building at night. The secret for those visiting Victoria is the Capitol's wonderful restaurant. Here you can dine with the legislators in their opulent style at extremely reasonable prices. Then after lunch, you can watch the debate session in the legislative chamber. Call the capitol restaurant for reservations. Visitors are subject to search for security reasons. Last year we enjoyed a great lunch seated next to the Speaker of the House, then watched him in action in session. Great fun!

Getting around downtown is much easier using the Victoria Harbour Ferry.

Alex, Mike, Willie and Joe at the Sticky Wicket pub in downtown Victoria. Alex is in real estate development, Mike has a CPA practice in Ukiah, Willie is a turkey rancher (see www.williebird.com) in Sonoma, and Joe is a chicken rancher at Cebe Farms, Inc in Ramona. The boys met in the late 196o's while attending Cal Poly University, San Luis Obispo. Rumor has it that Willie will present the annual White House Thanksgiving turkey to President Obama later this year.

Visiting the Gardens worked up a thirst so the boys visited a local favorite pub known as the Irish Times. Later we dined on the 3rd floor of the Sticky Wicket, next to a full sized beach volley ball court. Tomorrow will try to get through US Customs and reenter the USA in Roche Harbor.


  1. Hi Alex
    I have been checking in at the blog from time to time and enjoying the photos and narrative of your adventure. Ran into Pat Tue nite at a Mozart concert at the Mission SLO.....she had a seat in the same row and we enjoyed some chat time.
    Best regards
    Mark Sarrow

  2. Hi Mark: Glad you are enjoying the Blog. Pat said she ran into you guys at the concert. We'll be cruising into south Puget Sound in the next month. Lots of boat traffic and people. Should make for some interesting blogging! See you guys sometime in SLO. Alex