Tuesday, July 27, 2010

#52 Everett

On Tuesday we enjoyed a quiet cruise south, further down the east side of Whitbey Island. After Saratoga Passage we arrived at Everett. The Port of Everett Marina is quite large, one of the largest in the State. However, its entrance along the Snohomish River leaves a lot to be desired.

At low or ebb tide, the River outflow of several knots makes the marina entry or exit a real challenge, and in our case almost impossible. As we turned toward the entrance opening we had 4 knots of River pushing us sideways, towards the large pylons. Even with our wide, upstream turn, we barely avoided colliding. Once inside, we turned towards the guest side-tie, only to be swept away. Thruster on full power held us steady but we didn't gain against the sideways current and had to bale by backing upstream. We finally settled for an outside side-tie, bow pointed up-river, with current pushing the boat into the dock. Later the flood tide swept in towards our stern causing lots of splashing waves against the swim-step. It was no fun place to be moored, so we tied the boat tightly and left for a tour of the Boeing Aircraft factory.

Everett Marina is a challenge at low tide due to the Snohomish River outflow.

The pretty sunset in Everett almost made up for the screwy current across the marina entrance.

Boeing gives a great tour of its factory production line for the 737, 747, 767 and 787 aircraft. The factory building is the largest by volume in the world. The production and assembly techniques are explained by the informative guide. Tunnels and elevators allow the tour groups to view the operations from many angles. We highly recommend the Boeing tour and museum. Of course cameras weren't allowed, even the infamous Wild Blue Blog reporter could not secure a photo credential. Hence no photos!

The early morning crowd off Possession Point clamoring for salmon.

We enjoyed Italian out, but nothing compares to a Vince Fonte pasta. He should be in the restaurant business! We plotted our assault on those poor salmon off the south end of Whitbey Island. We hope to clean house tomorrow early off Possesion Point. Armed with Jay Field's tips, it should be easy!

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