Sunday, July 4, 2010

#35 Tahsis

Sunday the 4th of July, overcast skies and rains returned but the outlook calls for sunny but windy days ahead this week. As attached as we were to Rosie's Cafe in Zeballos, we decided to push onward to Tahsis just 15 miles around the corner. Tahsis also looks likely to have dining options.

We had and uneventful cruise down Zeballos Inlet, through Tahsis Narrows and up Tahsis Inlet to the nice community of Tahsis. Saw two small sports-fishers and passed a couple fish farms. We moored at the Westview Marina and were welcomed by friendly staff. The wind was blowing a bit and light rain continued but soon stopped. We enjoyed lunch at the marina restaurant: real clam chowder and homemade chili. All good.

The entrance to Tahsis Narrows

Once again we were greeted by sea otters. This time the whole clan came out to wish us well!

A modern fish farm which raises "Atlantic" salmon. There is quite a bit of controversy about fish farming in BC. Opponents claim the farms infect the migrating wild salmon fry and will ruin future wild salmon stocks.

Westview Marina is nicely maintained and staffed.

A pretty church is located just behind Westview Marina. It was Sunday and church was in session when we arrived, which gave the staff a good reason to exit the sermon early.

We took a brisk walk to the south of town looking for more dining options, and later to the north end. It's a town with some industry, a tourist fishing attraction and nicely manicured house gardens.

Alex checked into the BC Boaters net and met local ham radio operator John (VE7JMF), a British gentleman and resident of Tahsis. John gave us a restaurant recommendation, a far eastern Indian cuisine, and joined us for a glass of wine. We yakked about ham radio, boating, Tahsis and John's life as a ship's repairman. He has a good bit of ocean boating experience. He also had an informed explanation for the Queen of the North ferry sinking of March 2006. It was a combination of things: (1) the chart plotter was too bright for night operation so was turned off, (2) a rain squall blinded the radar, (3) the autopilot was engaged before (or without) the course change to avoid Gil Island, and (4) a brisk current pushed the ship towards the island. For more information Google "Queen of the North". The BC Boaters net and John have been quite helpful to we visiting boat people. Manana...

Dinner was stir fried chicken, far eastern style.

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