Friday, July 2, 2010

#33 Dixie Cove in Kyuquot Sound

Again on Friday, we awoke to bright sunshine. Well maybe summer has arrived on the west coast? Today is a lazy day and we get a late morning start. It's just 90 minutes to Dixie Cove inside Kyuquot Sound. The water is protected by myriads of small islets. Flat clam prevails and we enjoy the sunshine along our route.

Flat calm protected waters of Kyuquot Sound.

There is no boating traffic and we are alone except for the Alaska cruise ships that show up on the AIS radio receiver some 25 miles offshore. This has been a theme of the West Coast so far: very little boat traffic. After passing several large whales feeding along the route, we arrive at the entrance to Dixie Cove on Hohoae Island. It's another narrow channel but easily managed.

Skinny entrance to Dixie Cove

We drop the hook and launch the tender for a look around. On the chart, just across Pinnace Channel we see a narrow isthmus with Fair Harbour on the other side. We land the tender, secure it for a rising tide and begin what should be a short walk. Following a little used path we shortly discover Fair Harbour. Something on the beach catches Dick's eye to the left -- it's a small black bear moving away from us. Well was it a juvenile bear, or a cub with mommy looking on from somewhere? After discussing this for a few tense seconds, we decide NOT to find the answer and make our retreat back down the path to the tender. Nothing followed us..... closely.

Back at the boat it was Pinot time and we celebrated another peaceful day on the West Coast.

Wild Blue on the hook in Dixie Cove

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