Tuesday, July 13, 2010

#41 Tofino + 5

We've spend five additional days here in Tofino, enjoying this tourist town. We've cleaned the boat inside and out, washed the clothes and bedding, changed the oil, restocked provisions and beverages, and waited-out yesterdays 40-knot wind storm here in Tofino.

The college crew of Willie, Joe and Mike arrived yesterday and settled in. Although we've dined out most most of the week, we're looking forward to Willie's home cooking. Tonight it's jambalaya with prawns and chicken legs with BBQ duck breast appetizers. Tomorrow we'll head out early, fish for a couple hours then set a course for Ucluelet, another touristy fishing village about 25 miles down the coast.

Kayaks braving the 3-knot current and large boat wakes of Tofino Harbour.

The Columbia Church was one on the first buildings in Tofino. It has a lively congregation.

The wharfinger (aka dockmaster) lives in this float home next to the 4th Street Public Dock. At low tide his home and boat go aground.

We've been following the good ship "Azad" down the coast from Cape Scott. The owner Gary is a retired Canadian Coast Guard and ship fitter. He's single-handing his 33-foot sailboat around Vancouver Island. We've dined and pubbed with Gary. He has a bunch of great stories.

Today the Selene 59 "Porosity" sided tied next to us here in Tofino. The owner Bill is a geologist, thus his boat name. As we leave tomorrow, Porosity will just slide over to our previous dock.

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