Thursday, June 27, 2013

#2013-31 Another Great Day of Fishing Whale Bay

On Thursday we awoke in our Port Banks anchorage and retrieved the two crab traps we set last week.  They contained 7 days of emptiness, but the morning was enlightened by the site of a moving brown rock just along the shore.  This furry rock was busy turning over other heavy gray rocks in search of edibles.  So we diverted the tender close ashore for some exciting Brown bear close-ups.  Mister Bear was not in the least disturbed by us humanoids.

Brown rock turns into Brown bear.
Brown bears can not be bothered by close humans.
Yum!  Something under that rock looks good.
Anchored at Port Banks
 After breakfast we got back to fishing just outside Port banks in flat calm weather and water.  The bite was on and by noon we hand our daily King limit plus so many Cohos that the fish cleaning crew, Willie and Joe, would be overburdened.  Joe caught a pretty good-sized salmon and we anchored in Kristoi Basin for lunch.  After lunch we headed to Small Arm anchorage for the evening.
Joe's BIG King.
Landing a Coho Salmon.

Cigar-smoking King.

After a several rounds of refreshment during the heavy fish cleaning session, Willie still was able to prepare a dynamite dinner that included fresh King Salmon Sashimi and giant prawns New Orleans style.

Willie's King Salmon Sashimi.
Willie's Prawns a la New Orleans.

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