Tuesday, June 4, 2013

#2013-19 Pretty Sitka

We're up early and out of Appleton Cove by 6:30 as we need to be at Sergis Narrows for 9 am slack current on our way to the old Russian capitol, Sitka. Of course so does every other boat transiting Peril Strait. As we approach the Narrows, which is a man-made section which deepens the Strait for commercial transit, we come in contact with several other boats.  The 400-foot ferry Columbia passes close from behind. Next a 45-foot Shohanna pops out of Baby Bear Bay just in front of the ferry. And the yacht Marlinda meets us as we exit the Narrows.  But soon after that it's all quiet again as we are now headed south to Sitka.

The 400-foot Alaska Ferry Columbia starts her pass at at 18 knots.
Just couldn't resist this photo of Columbia.
Marlinda, a 140-foot yacht, cruised up to Alaska from Mexico this spring.
In the narrow passages like Olga Strait you see such strange things along the shore. This double cross must mean that two persons died in this spot. In fact the two crosses in Olga Strait were erected in memory of Kirby Reid, a high school senior killed in a boating accident in February 1998. Olga Strait is about 11 miles northwest of Sitka.  Alaskans have placed memorials on federal lands to the ire of the US Forest Service. Hey USFS, get over it!

Olga Strait tribute to high schooler killed in a boating accident.
By noon we're in the pretty town of Sitka and tied of the dock in Eliason Harbor. The Wild Blue will hang out here for a month of fishing and classical music entertainment from the Sitka festival.

The Statendam is back in Sitka .
Mount Edgecomb towers over Sitka providing an excellent aid to navigation.

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