Monday, June 3, 2013

#2013-18 Into Peril Strait

This morning our prawn traps did not yield any catch records.  In fact we returned those few that made the ride to the surface. By 10 we were on our way north in Chatham Strait. We decided to take a peek in Warm Springs Bay and noticed the dock was open, an unusual occurrence. So we tied up and walked up to the falls, springs and Baronof Lake. It's a pretty walk and of course we discovered fresh bear tracks, but due to our off-key singing, the bear decided we were probably not that tasty!.

The dock at Warm Springs Bay was nearly empty!
The warm springs next to falls is the best in SE Alaska.

There are benefits for signing off-key: music minded bears run from you!
After lunch we were back in Chatham Strait moving north. There's not a lot of boats out in fact we haven't seen more than handful of pleaure boats all week.  Almost every anchorage so far we've had to ourselves. Finally the tour boat Liseron passes us going south.

Liseron is a smaller cruise boat.  She reminds us of the San Pablo
in the movie "The Sand Pebbles" with Steve McQueen.
In the early afternoon we turn to the west into Peril Strait as the wind begins to build. We drive thru Hanus Bay looking for an anchorage but the wind there is approaching 20. At last we set the hook in Appleton Cove which is always secure. For the first time we anchor with several other boats. Everybody wants a secure port in a storm.

Alex's favorite middle-eastern dish is Mjadra: wild rice, onions, celery and
lentils topped with fresh salad.  Yellah!

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