Wednesday, June 19, 2013

#2013-27 King City: The Grapes of Wrath.....NOT!

Out of The Small Arm early, we decided to set crab traps in a place that looked to be favorable in Port Banks.  There's a fresh water outflow from a river on the east shoreline.  After the traps were soaking, we began trolling again along the north shore of the Whale Bay entrance.  We landed several cohos then moved down to the shoreline between the Small Arm and Great Arm.  There's a spot there at 56 37.5 N, 134 58.82 W we have named King City!  Each time we crossed that spot we hooked a king, on three consecutive passes, and a 4th king after a couple blank passes.  No Grapes of Wrath in this King City, just many rich King salmon.  We reached our daily limit and headed to Port Banks for the evening. Our crab traps again were empty.

Four kings, some coho and a black cod.
Dave only has to clean 10 fish today, not 17 like yesterday.

Dave was in a filleting mode so we packaged the king salmon.

Baked salmon bellies, black cod, salad and fish soup. Delicious.
The river that flows into Port Banks is a spawning salmon waterway.
Wild Blue anchored in the river delta.
Crab retrieval team.

Nice crab retrieval form.  Be nice if there were some crabs here.

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