Sunday, June 2, 2013

#2013-17 Solitary Red Bluff Bay

For the first time we wake up the glorious sunshine in Hamilton Cove which brightly reflects off the tan sandy beach.  Five knots of soft breeze from the southwest greets us as round the top of Kuiu Island into south Chatham Strait. Rippled flat seas set the foundation for a picturesque view of the snow capped mountains of east Baranof Island.
The snow-capped mountains of east Baranof Island.
Soon we enter Red Bluff Bay and set two prawn traps.After a look at the Bay's 200 foot waterfall, we drop anchor at the head of the bay next to a large yacht which soon leaves.  Once again we have a beautiful bay all to ourselves. Last year this in early June this bay had 9 boats and lots of bears roaming the estuary. Where are all the boats and bears this year?

Anchored all by oursleves.

As we entered Red Bluff Bay this large yacht exited!

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