Tuesday, June 18, 2013

#2013-26 Back to Whale Bay

Yesterday, the crew took the day off from fishing, to the relief of many salmon, and toured Sitka.   By day's end the boys had located the local Elks Club Lodge and payed a visit with the Exalted Ruler.  Roger, Dave and Sid are all "Elkies" and are experts at the Elks Hailing Sign.  Their Signing improved as the drinking progressed.  Non-member Alex was coerced into ringing a bell, not once but twice, causing everyone present in the Elks Lodge to receive two rounds of drinks, on Roger, Dave and Sid.

Dave, Roger, The Sitka Elks Exalted Ruler, Sid and Alex

On Tuesday we got going at 5am to do some local Sitka fishing.  In 30 minutes were at the Rock Pile known as Vitskari Rocks.  We had landed a King there last week and wanted to see if more were around. By 8 without a bite, it was unanimous. F--- this! Let's head back to Whale Bay.  We arrived at the Bay at noon dropped our line along the northern shore, just inside.  Before the down-rigger ball was down to depth, the bell was ringing.  Dave landed a nice 34-inch king.  We fished the Bay until 4pm and anchored back in beautiful Small Arm.

Dave's nice king.
Yacht Golden Boy anchored inside Kristoi Basin.
This trip to the Bay, we seemed to be fishing near Jamie Jo a lot.

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