Friday, May 31, 2013

#2013-15 Onward to Exchange Cove and a Crab Fest?

Exchange Cove always has crab this time of year, mainly because the Alaska commercial crab season hasn't yet opened. We're looking forward to a fresh crab dinner today!

This morning the battery's voltage showed only 11.8 volts which is unusually low for the main battery bank which is just one year old. We will have to take a look at the batteries when we get to Sitka..

It was flat seas and light winds this morning in Clarence Strait.  Overcast skies with rain are predicted for the rest of the day. We continue up the east side of Prince of Wales Island and are soon passed by the cruise ship Statendam most likely on the way home to Seattle. Eventually we pass the small community of Coffman Cove which has a small general store but no cell service.  Already we are starved for data communications.

By 2pm we are snugly anchored in exchange cove with two other boats and crab pots soaking. An hour and a half later we had harvested four large male crabs which were quickly prepared and dropped in a pot of seasoned boiling water. At 6 after a delicious crab dinner and knap we pulled the anchor and headed for Port Protection for the evening with calm winds, flat seas and a favorable current. By 10pm we had reset the anchor in a cove near the Northwest tip of Prince of Wales Island ready to transit Rocky Pass in the morning.
Statendam passes close aboard.

Coffman Cove has a general store and market but no cell service.

Crab is always plentiful in Exchange Cove in May.  Four large crabs were caught in just 90 minutes.

We oush on over the top of Prince of Wales Island to Port Protection in flat seas and calm winds.

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