Monday, May 6, 2013

#2013-06 Cape Caution or as Far as Comfortable

There is a change in the weather.  Environment Canada is forecasting strong winds this afternoon in Queen Charlotte Strait, Sound and the Cape Caution area.  We’re off the Lagoon Cove dock by 5AM hoping to make Sullivan Bay.  Last year we raced ahead of a storm and made it from Lagoon Cove all the way around Cape Caution.  The weather says it is not to be this year.

Leaving Lagoon Cove for points north.
We wind our way through many small islands entering the bottom of Queen Charlotte Strait with flat seas and calm winds.  By 8:30 we have passed Sullivan Bay with the same conditions.

Winding our way through the islands at the base of the Queen Charlotte Strait
At 10AM the wind was over 15 knots and by 10:45 we had begged off for Blunden Harbor.  We had our choice of anchor spots, and by evening 4 sailboats and 2 power boats had joined us.  The forecast was for 20-30 knots from the north by mid-night, but it didn't happen or Blunden is just a super-protected anchorage.  The best thing that happened today: Pat made a fresh key-lime pie per the Micky Field (Mrs. Field?) recipe.  Yum!

Speaking of cooking, a crisis occurred in the ship's galley.  Our brown sugar supply dried into a rock hard mass.  This happened once before in 2009 but crew Tina Semonsen shared her secret for making the brown sugar good as new. See the photos.
Hard bricks of brown sugar with apple core in plastic bag.
Leave in bag for 1 - 2 days then crush soft bricks into original sugar granules.

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