Sunday, May 5, 2013

#2013-05: Lagoon Cove has Lost a Good Guy

Sunday, May 5: Lagoon Cove:  We already miss Bill Barber

It’s the standard Wild Blue routine and route:  Off the Gorge dock at 5AM, exit Gorge turning right, snake through Uganda Passage, cross Sutil, up Hoskyn, zip through Beazley Passage with +6 knots of push, bear left to avoid Tusko Rock, wiggle-waggle through Upper and Lower Rapids, up Johnstone Strait, U-turn in Vere Cove, anchor and take a 2-hour nap;  continue through Current Passage, up Johnstone, right at Port Harvey, up Havannah and Chatham, then through the Blow Hole and into Lagoon Cove. Whew!

Nicole Joye and Pacific Joye probably never shut down there engines as they are constantly hauling supplies and fish to and from fish farms all over southern and central BC coasts.  Go to to see where they are right now!
Northbound was busy traffic in Johnstone Strait.
Even southbound traffic was bumper-to-bumper.
Chatham Channel northbound.
Pat and Bob greeted us, but Bill was missed.  He usually took our lines and asked about our day.  The cancer got Bill at age 78 last month.  He and Jeanie have operated Lagoon Cove for the past 23 years greeting us along with thousands of boaters over the years.  He was famous for bear stories (and the one almost got him jailed) and for serving fresh caught prawns each day.  The Marina continues to be up and running year round under the capable hands of Pat and Bob.  Jeannie is supposed to be on site starting late May.

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