Wednesday, May 15, 2013

#2013-13 Gaggling to Ketchikan

At 7AM Wednesday we left the Yacht Club closely followed by the Nordic Tugs 52 True North.  Captain Jeff hadn't yet exited Rupert via Venn Passage and wanted to follow us through the narrow, winding canal.  We entered Chatham Sound by 8AM with little wind and calm seas.  The forecast called for a weather window between the next front so all the boats scurried to cross the Dixon Entrance, which can be no fun at times.  Pat has been dreading it for days, especially after last year's scary crossing in 8 foot seas.

At Dundas Island the Entrance looked calm and we crossed at slack current making it a gentle ride.  Soon Miss Ann Marie passed us doing 10.5 knots, a gaggle of boats crossing in unison.  The trip, our ninth crossing, was mostly uneventful and we tied up at City Float in downtown Ketchikan by 3:30PM Alaska time.  US Customs cleared us after questioning Wilson.  As usual the Harbor Department crew greeted us, remembering us from the previous four years, making our arrival like coming back home.

True North our anchor buddy back in Miles Inlet.
True North following closely on the way to Ketchikan.
Phil and Rachel on the Custom 78 Miss Ann Marie as it passes us in Dixon Entrance.
It always makes one wonder why the dive boat is looking under a cruise ship.
We're taking a week off and connecting back into San Luis Obispo.  Will start up again from Ketchikan on Wednesday, May 29.  See you then.

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