Friday, May 3, 2013

#2013-03: Lasqueti Island Nudist Show

Thursday, May 2: Ganges Harbor and Clam Bay

The current was against us up the east side of southern Vancouver Island.  We eventually stopped in Ganges to buy the parts to plumb the water sterilizer.  After this pit stop we motored a few more hours to Clam Bay for the night.

Friday, May 3: Lasqueti Island Nudist Show

It was another bright, sunny and warm day in British Columbia.  We started early working our way northward through Dodd Narrows on a 5-knot push, past Nanaimo, past Schooner Cove avoiding the Canadian Naval Exercise Zone Whiskey-Gulf, then pointed the boat to Lasqueti Island.  Lasqueti is in the middle of the northern Strait of Georgia.  We dropped the anchor inside False Bay at the northwest end of the Island.

Fishing boats and windsurfers were out enjoying the sunshine.
Lasqueti residents are known for practicing “alternate lifestyles”.  We felt pretty insulated from all that, being out away from the shore anchored in the water.  Soon, however, inhabitants of the float home just off our stern exposed all their privates to bath in the bright sun.  It was a great show and Alex, who was feeling a bit “left out”, asked Pat if we shouldn't join in with the Lasqueti folks.  When in Rome, ….and all that.  Pat then pointed out that once disrobed, not only would we ruin it for the Lasqueti people, but all the birds, fish, and wild life would cover their eyes and flee the area!  Knowing Pat’s “wildlife first” philosophy, there was no changing her mind.

The nudist's home and stage in False Bay on Lasqueti Island. Of course we have the photos you want to see.  However this is a family oriented blog so those photos will be kept private.
The tiny town of Lasqueti: market, bar and inn.
These False Bay folks have a fantastic view of Vancouver Island.

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