Saturday, May 11, 2013

#2013-10 Off the Dock to Rescue Bay

We paid our yard bill (a bargain at $168 for Loren's time) and moorage fee telling the acting dock master that there's a good chance we would be back if our engine overheats again. It took about 15 minutes of motoring to get the engine up to normal running temperature.  The manifold settled in at 159F which is an improvement but it should be lower.  Later we noted the manifold temp varied from 149F up to 163F without a change in RPM.  I think it's time to use the laser gun and verify the engine temp sensor.

Later in the month we met Tony Athens for a face-to-face when we bought a replacement manifold temp sensor.  Tony showed me where the sensor was located on the engine.  He says many low RPM trawlers are changing to a higher thermostat engine temp of 180F since the standard thermostat never allows the engine to get hot enough to remove the condensation in the aftercooler.  Although he has seen commercial QSL9's running good with 15,000 hours and up, he was quite interested to hear that we put all 3000 hours on the recreational engine ourselves.

We motored west in Seaforth Channel expecting the big ocean swells rolling into Millbanke Sound.  While we docked in Shearwater the weather had turned cold and windy and a southeast gale was forecast.  We turned right up Reid Passage and into Matheisson Channel avoiding all but a few ocean swells, then left into Rescue Bay for the evening.  The engine ran warmer than usual, but not hot.

Free log ride in Matheisson Channel.

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