Saturday, August 1, 2009

#55 - Keene Island to St. John Harbor

A lazy 2-hour motor further south will bring us to St. John Harbor off Zarembo Island. We retrieve our empty crab traps and move out into the remaining southern end of Wrangell Narrows. It's another bright day and after an uneventful crossing of Sumner Strait we anchor in St. John Harbor and set our crab traps. We'll let them soak overnight and see what tomorrow brings.

The route out of Wrangell Narrows to St John Harbor.

We spend most of the day luxuriating in the quiet anchorage, napping, reading and finally discussing how to prepare tonights halibut. St. John has an interesting feature: a naturally carbonated artesian spring which is only visible at low tide. At the lowest tide of the day we take a dinghy tour of the anchorage, searching the shoreline for carbonation. We imagine Lawrence Welk bubbles wafting a few feet above the exposed shore, revealing the spring. But after much searching, fortified with a couple glasses of fine pinot noir, this spring remains hidden from us.

Later in the evening two fish boats arrive and anchor near us. One is a fish transport vessel ready to load and refrigerate any fisherman's catch; the other a purse seiner resting his crew before tomorrows activity.

St. Lazaria is a fish transport, while Rogue is a seiner.

The view of Sumner Strait near sunset from St. John Harbor.

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