Sunday, August 16, 2009

#67 - Shearwater to Fury Cove

We needed to start planning for Pat's flight out of Port Hardy on the 21st. Even though a long five days away, we learned the hard way last summer that better planning is needed to accommodate weather induced delays. It all worked out after we opted to transient Queen Charlotte Sound and Strait in storm conditions last summer. The gray hairs added after that “white knuckle” ride nicely blended in with all the others, but we don't need anymore! So our route plan will include time for any storm to pass before we venture out.

Today we'll do a 7-hour motor to Fury Cove, an excellent start point for crossing QC Sound. It's a simple run counter-clockwise from Shearwater around Denny Island. Then a single right turn south into Fisher Channel brings you to Fitz Hugh Sound. At the southern end of the Sound is Fury Cove positioned perfectly for crossing the open waters of the Pacific and QC Sound.

The route from Shearwater to Fury Cove.

We pass lots of traffic: a large BC Ferry followed by Coast Guard escort; two tugs with barges; several commercial fish boats and many sport fishers. Near the end of the day Z-Worthy and Wild Blue drop anchor in Fury Cove with six other boats.

Bonnie of Z-Worthy wants to be like Leah, the ultimate kayaker.

We're now in the best position to cross the open water of QC Sound. We'll go tomorrow if the 4AM weather forecast allows us. Goodnight.

The sun has set on Fury Cove.

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