Friday, July 31, 2009

#54 - Petersburg to Keene Island

After a day on the town we said goodbye to Petersburg and turned south down Wrangell Narrows to an anchorage near Keene Island. The Narrows is a 21-mile long waterway that is used by nearly all north and south bound boat traffic. Large ferries, small cruise ships, big fishing trawlers and tugs with barge tows find their way through the slim channel using the 60 navigational markers. You need to keep a sharp lookout for the marks and oncoming traffic.

We left on the last of an afternoon flood tide which pushed south with us. The same flood tide flowing in from the south end of the Narrows meets in the middle. About halfway down the Narrows, the tidal current was slack, and as the ebb tide began, we benefited from the current push south. After just about 2 hours we dropped our anchor just ooff to the side of the Narrows in a quiet spot.

Our route down Wrangell Narrows to Keene Island anchorage.

The Narrows causes boats to pass at close quarters.

Halfway down the Narrows is the small, quaint community of Green Rocks, where every home is built on waterfront property.

The view from Keene Island anchorage.

Sunset at Keene Island anchorage.

Before we left today, Pat and Jinx had filled the ship's stores after grocery shopping in Petersburg. We've told all visiting crew to bring along their favorite halibut and salmon recipes and Jinx had a great one: spicy Thai halibut with peas and bamboo shoots! We paired this with a chilled sauvignon blanc. Just amazing!

Jinx's spicy Thai halibut with peas and bamboo shoots. Wow!

Tomorrow we move just across Sumner Strait to St. John's anchorage.

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