Thursday, August 6, 2009

#60 - Saltery Cove to Ketchikan

It's a simple due east run across Clarence Strait to the northern end Tongrass Narrows and then south to Ketchikan. After just 3 hours, we're reentering civilization: noise, cars, tugs, yachts, ships and planes.

Pat makes fresh-baked cinnamon rolls to help us deal with civilization again.

Planes, trains, boats and automobiles: They all make noise.

Even the salmon along Ketchikan's Creek Walk are crowding into town, to the delight of local fishermen.

Once in Ketchikan, we become tourists just like everyone else and buy, buy buy! "What ship are you from?" they ask. "The good ship Wild Blue," we respond. After gifts, supplies and $2000 worth of diesel, we are one of their favorite customers!

This T-shirt says it all!

We will be playing in Ketchikan for several days. After 18 days of sunshine and mild temperatures, the wind, clouds and rain have returned. We'll let Peter and Jinx return to the civilization of Los Angeles. Pat and I will be continuing onto Prince Rupert, just as soon as the weather improves, most likely Sunday or Monday. Have a great weekend.

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