Wednesday, August 12, 2009

#63 - Captain Cove to Miller Inlet

Today we'll move further down the west coast of Pitt Island to Miller Inlet. It's just overcast and the rain has stopped. There's liitle wind or waves in these protected waters.

Our Route to Miller Inlet

We arrived at the Inlet eager for the challenge of it's narrow entrance. The entrance is also shallow with several rocks that are clearly charted. It has an outer and inner anchorage, separated by yet another narrow passage.

Miller Inlet does have some challenges.

The entrance is shallow and narrow.

The Inlet was probably named after some midshipman sailing with Captain Vancouver. Midshipman Miller must have been a cool, calm man because the Inlet sure is. We chose the inner anchorage and enjoyed total quiet and calm. Even the VHF, TV, and radio couldn't get any signals here. Both Z-Worthy and Wild Blue were surrounded trees and rock walls in the land-locked inner anchorage.

At anchor in tranquil Miller Inlet.

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