Thursday, September 5, 2013

#2013-?? The Bear Ate the Blogger?

OK. So the Blog is behind a bit.  It's been a busy summer of cruising with just no time to catch up.  We will need to revisit July 28 through August 28th cruising days and the completion of our 2013 Alaska Cruise later.

So did the bear eat the Blogger?

This coming week the Wild Blue heads south from Seattle to San Francisco.  Assuming there's no weather delay, here's the itinerary:

Seattle to San Francisco

Sep 8-Sunday: Seattle to Port Townsend 6 hours; Port Hudson Marina
Sep 9-Monday: Neah Bay 10 hours; Makah Marina
Sep 10-Tuesday: Grays Harbor 12 hours; Call Port of Grays Harbor
Sep 11-Wednesday: Cape Lookout Anchorage 11 hours
Sep 12-Thursday: Yakima-Newport 7 hours; South Beach Marina
Sep 13-Friday: Coos Bay 10 hours; Charleston Marina
Sep 14-Saturday: Crescent City 13 hours;
Sep 15-Sunday: Eureka 7 hours; Woodley Island Marina
Sep 16-Monday: Little River Anchorage 12 hours
Sep 17-Tuesday: Bodega Bay 9 hours, Spud Point Marina
Sep 18-Wednesday: San Francisco 8 hours; WestPoint Marina

You can follow us down the coast on  Just click on Washington, Oregon and California coastline from the World Map and look for a fuchsia colored boat pointed southerly.  Click on the boat for the speed details.  We'll be hugging the coast line so should have good cell and internet to do some Blogging along the way.  Looking forward to wintering in San Francisco Bay.


  1. Alex, Have a good trip south. Glad to see you will be gunk holing down. Looking forward to your blogs on Cape Lookout and Little River which we've missed. Havens (Fish Rock) is another good anchorage. Tillamook and Umpqua are good stops if the bars are cooperating. Smooth seas. Sue and Larry T (CYC)

    1. Hi Larry and Sue. Yes. Seattle to SF should be fun and weather looks good for the first five days or so. Thanks for tip on Fish Rock. Originally had Tillamook as a stop but an old post on the Trawlers and Trawlering List scared me away. Lucky to have that super boater Dick Squire along for advice. Cheers to you and all the CYCers. Alex