Sunday, September 8, 2013

#2013-68 Up Puget Sound to Port Townsend

On Friday Alex flew into Seattle to pick up Wild Blue from the boatyard.  The boat has a newly painted bottom,  a new generater sea strainer, new main battery bank and a few new waste hoses. Of course the stories behind these repairs are in the yet to be written Blogs from July 28 through August 28....later on those.

Wild Blue about to leave the ship doctors office.
So a couple of the repairs weren't complete and didn't get the boat launched and away from the yard in Shilshole until 7:30pm. The plan was to leave the yard by 5 and run the 2+ hours down to Des Moines near SEATAC in the fading light of the evening. Single handing a 60 foot trawler in the dark wasn't the plan.  Fortunately the wind died and the water glassed over.  At night all the shore lights along the Sound reflected on the sea so you could easily see any junk ahead.  The Des Moines Marina is well lighted and it was a relief to see the dock coned off with two signs "Reserved for Wild Blue".

On Saturday the old "sage of the sea" Commodore Dick Squire from Cal Yacht Club arrived to crew with Alex down the coast.  Dick is the real "Master and Commander" having owned and operated some 40 different sail and power boats over the years. He's single-handed to Hawaii and around Mexico's Guadalupe Island and back. He and his wife Harriet on their 60 foot Offshore "Seagate" buddy cruised with Wild Blue to Alaska and the Queen Charlottes in 2008. It's great to have Dick aboard for this trip. We met Dick at the airport in the chauffered City of Des Moines pick up truck. What a great town!

This morning we're motoring up the Sound to Port Townsend our first stop on the way to San Francisco. You should be able to track our progress live on  Later.

This mornings live view of us on

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