Wednesday, September 11, 2013

#2013-71 Grays Harbor to Tillamook or Cape Lookout Anchorage

Today we leave Grays Harbor for headed for either Tillamook, Oregon or Cape Lookout, Oregon depending on the weather forecast.  We're crossing the Chehalis Bar again this morning in at about 6 am.  We will keep you posted.

7am update:  Nice exit from Grays.  Bar was docile.  Learned upon yesterdays entry to avoid the section of the "restricted" main channel that had crab traps.  Seas are 3 foot widely spaced with 1 foot chop as wind is from the SE at 15 knots. Now headed south pointed towards the Columbia River offshore buoy to minimize ship traffic and the River's influence on sea conditions.

Arctic Fury inbound to Grays Harbor this morning.
3:30 pm update:  It's been an angry sea today after the first 2 hours. 5 feet NW swells coupled with a 15-20 knot S winds adding 2-4 chop on top of the swell. The Columbia River ebb current didn't improve this at all.  we tried to work out to sea to avoid the current without success. That Bar was closed until 2PM and Tillamook Bar has been closed except for vessels 20 feet or less.  Latest is they have no restrictions so that's where we're headed.

Seas off the Columbia River

Sea calming down a rgan your gear about the harbor
7 pm:  We successfully navigated the Tillamook Bay bar at 6:15 slack water after the bar was opened by the USCG.  The Coast Guard did recommend we wear life vests while crossing, which we did.  Took a vacant slip in Garibaldi Marina and it's the best bargain on the coast:  $20 for 60-feet including power! (The highest we heard was Dent Lodge in BC at $3.50/foot).  Dined at the Troller Restaurant which was great.  Met the crew of the 65-foot Mai Tai and they too were looking for refuge in Tillamook.  They are headed to So Cal.

Crossing the Tillamook Bay bar.

Water breaking at south end of Tillamook Bay bar.
The picturesque town of Giribaldi.  The "G" is lighted on the hill.
Looks like we're showing fine on AIS at tonight.  Tomorrow we re cross the Bar at 7 am heading for Newport Oregon.  Good night.

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  1. Hi Alex, Interesting blog. I just tweeted a link to this page. How did the Tillamook Bar crossing go?