Saturday, July 27, 2013

#2013-48 Inside Passage Fork in the Road

When southbound from Prince Rupert just before existing Arthur Passage, one has a choice:  Inside Route or the Outside Inside Route.  Bear left for Inside Route, the most direct and boring Grenville Channel. Bear right for Outside Inside Route via Odgen Channel which is longer, wilder, and can be rough in places.  Alex, being a right wing kind-of-guy, set the course for Newcombe Harbour on Pitt Island. The sun is out and it's another perfect day.  We huddle in the bow while the autopilot steers for us.

Front: Chuck & Carolyn French, Vince and Marianne Fonte.
Back: Alex and Pat Benson
We've cruised this route before.  It's pretty with endless, uninhabited bays in which to anchor. Newcombe is new to us, we find it by 4 PM, and anchor in the northeast corner.  The crab traps are set and Chuck is already licking his lips!

Sunset over Newcombe Harbour.

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