Thursday, July 23, 2009

#47 – Reid Inlet, Two Finger Cove, to Swanson Harbor

We've enjoyed a few days here in Glacier Bay National Park, and in doing so, we've consumed supplies at a high rate. We need beer, wine, food stuffs, and a new Alaska Blog camera. So it's off to Juneau where there is a Costco and Fred Meyer. It'll take us a couple days so we will stay the night in Swanson Harbor just at Point Couverden. But, due to the tidal currents, it's going to take us awhile to get out of Glacier Bay.

The flood current at the 1/2-mile wide channel entrance, known as Sitakaday Narrows, will reach almost 7 knots today at the time we exit. The current will be against us, so at our 9-knot cruising speed, it will take about an hour to traverse the opening. The option is to stop, anchor somewhere close, and wait for the current to subside. We like this option and anchor at Fingers Bay just in time for lunch, and a few photos.

Today's exit from Glacier Bay and route to Swanson Harbor

Fingers Bay was busy with Surf Scooters. They entertained us over lunch: ours and theirs! Normally mollusk consumers, today fish was the Scooter's choice.

Surf Scooters feed on clams, mussels and other mollusks

But here, they seem to be looking for for something more?

Awe, yes! This Surf Scooter has mouthed a fish. Now if he can just get airborne again.

Wow this fish sure is heavy.

This will sure taste better than clams.

At about 3PM we decided we could deal with a 3-knot current and began again for Swanson Harbor. We scooted through Sitakaday Narrows next to Diamond Princess, a 900-foot cruise ship, whose driver seemed a little excited. He hailed us over VHF 16 to insure we wouldn't be crossing his bow, then passed us at 1/8-mile off our port without incident.

We pulled into the float at Swanson around 8:30PM and quite hungry. Vince had been at work prepping pasta Carbonara, the smells dominating the cabin. Pat harvested fresh herbs and lettuce from the Wild Blue garden. We scrounged up some Paso Robles Petit Sarah for an awesome dining experience.

Pat's fresh Alaska garden salad.

Vince's pasta Carbonara.

The complete spread.

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