Monday, July 20, 2009

#44 – Bartlett Cove South Sandy Cove

Late this afternoon, Pat arrived with the Fontes and Frenchs in tow. They met in the Seattle Airport and rode Alaska Air to Glacier Bay together. We dined at the Lodge, loaded luggage, then left for South Sandy Cove anchorage about 2 hours up Glacier Bay.

The route takes you directly through the “whale zone area”. This area extends from just outside Glacier Bay entrance to about 6 miles up the Bay. Special rules apply to boats transiting the Whale Area: speed less than 13 knots, maintain 1-mile offshore or center channel, and stop for whales crossing boats path. Fines will be levied for violators, and later we noted a Park Patrol boat monitoring the traffic. The rules are designed to prevent collisions between whales, mostly humpbacks, and boats. We had no close calls.

This whale waved his tail at us, as if saying “Keep away!”

Our route through the “Whale Zone” to South Sandy Cove.

Although we arrived at the Cove by 10PM it was still quite daylight. We anchored, night capped and retired.

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