Monday, May 9, 2016

2016-12 Prince Rupert to Ketchikan

Monday, May 9, 2016

The 4AM weather report for Dixon Entrance East was special.  No real wind until late in the day and seas less than 1 meter.  Let's cross... so we did.

It was as forecast, a pleasant crossing in light winds with flat seas and sunny skies.  It doesn't really get much better.  Just in case, we departed in 5am darkness.  After yesterday the crew was thanking Aeolus and the other wind Gods.
Green Island light station just off Dundas Island.
Note the lack of seas here at 7AM.
By 8AM Alaska time the Wild Blue passed the center of Dixon Entrance into US waters once again ready for another summer of Alaskan adventures.  By 2PM we arrived at Anderes fuel dock and load the 400 gallons we burned to get here while clearing US Customs.  It was a nice day for a Dixon Entrance crossing.

MV Tanglewood, a Nordhavn 60 moored near us in
Ketchikan at City Float, has a useful boaters Blog at

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