Sunday, May 8, 2016

2016-11 Lowe Inlet to Prince Rupert

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Rather than fight the current, we opt to "sleep in" until 9.  Then we're back on the Grenville northward using any current in our favor.  Gray turns to light clouds, then sun and wind as the morning becomes afternoon.

In Northern BC, Vessel Traffic Services on VHF Channel 11, is a great way to see if your AIS Class B signal is getting out.  Ships that are participating in VTS must check-in at specific points along there route as noted the the charts.  Class B and other non-participating boats are not required to check in with VTS, but their position is relayed to participating traffic over Channel 11. So transmissions like this: "Northern Adventure this is Prince Rupert Traffic, we have the tug Justin Foss southern bound with large tow.  There is the non-participating pleasure craft Wild Blue northbound at Lowe Inlet", we know our AIS is getting out.

The Northern Adventure northbound to Prince Rupert.
(Note:  Its AIS name is "Nothern" Adventure)
By 2:30pm near the northern end of Grenville next to the Lawyer Islands, the northwest wind puffed up to 25 knots.  The Skeena River outflow current against the big wind made for a messy ocean.  Big wind chop splashed overhead as the boat pounded into the wind and waves.  It was an uncomfortable ride from there into Prince Rupert.  But as always, the only affected ones were the crew.... not the boat. By 5:30 we were securely tied up at the brand new Cow Bay Marina.

Cow Bay's new City run marina is quiet so far.
There is no electricity yet!

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