Thursday, May 5, 2016

2016-08 Codville Lagoon, Shearwater to Uncharted Lambard Inlet

Thursday, May 5, 2016

This morning we harvested more seafood.  With 12 crab it was time to cook and pick.  After 50 prawns had their heads twisted off, a prawns and pasta dinner was likely.  Maybe crab cakes for appetizers?

We motored up at 11AM and headed west across Fitz Hugh into Lama Passage for the short ride to Shearwater.  We temp-tied there at the floats to allow for light provisioning.  Two most important acquisitions included Grey Goose and Sleemans.  Of course we've been pining for corn tortillas since leaving the USA, but none were available north of Vancouver.  Port McNeill  and now Shearwater are sold out....blame it on Cinco de Mayo.  We're stuck with flour tortillas.

We fired up the crab cooker with the above results.
Where are the pickers?
Oh right here.... picking away.
After provisioning we turned west into Seaforth Channel looking to exit at Reid Passage.  Churning seas splashed salty ocean water all over the boat, while making for a bouncy ride until the right turn just before the Ivory Island light station.  The crew managed the rock and roll, but all were relieved at the still waters of the Passage.

The weather forecast called for building winds so we looked for a super secure anchorage.  It was directly in front of us at the very northern end of Reid Passage in Lambard Inlet!  Both the Douglass and Waggoners Cruising Guides ignore the Inlet.  Our backup Garmin Bluechart System shows no bottom depths and uncharted waters.  However the Coastal Explorer Canadian Raster and C-MAP Charts show Lambard in great detail.  We carefully worked our way up the Inlet, to the head and anchored in 30 feet with lots of room to spare.  It was a peaceful anchorage, but without any sign of crabs!

Secure anchorage at the northern end of Reid passage
in Lambard Inlet
The crew enjoyed Captain's all-time favorite:
 fresh BC prawns and pasta.

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