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2014-16 More Fishing In Whale Bay

June 3rd to 6th: Re-fishing Whale Bay

Over the next several days Gerard, Ken and Alex fished further into Whale Bay.

Tuesday, June 3rd: We got up early and shopped for provisions: ice, bread, milk, cereal, lemons, beer...just the basics, cause we're living off the sea as much as possible.  By noon we left Sitka pointing the boat back to Whale Bay.  Hey the fish are somewhere down there.

By 5pm Wild Blue began dragging lines along the Northern side of Whale Bay.  So we landed a nice king salmon.  After 90 minutes and two fish, and THE one that got away (a big one that broke Ken's 40-pound leader), we took a hitch over to Port Banks.  By 8pm we'd anchored at the end of Small Arm in Whale Bay. Gerard set the crab traps from the kayak.

Gerard is celebrating a bit early.  The crab traps are not even set yet!
Wednesday, June 4th: Ken got up early and put together a fine breakfast of berry crepe-pancakes.  Delicious!  It took awhile to get going and we wanted the crabs in our traps to enjoy their last meal. Turns out just once crab stayed inside for his salmon head feast.

Chef Ken's berry crepe-pancakes.
Both a Navy seal and chef were needed land the crab.
Once again we began trolling for fish.  Today was good:  we caught several Coho salmon, one King white salmon and one king red salmon.  And we still had fresh halibut from Sunday.  Sounds like it's time for a taste test.

We anchored in Port Banks in front of a pretty river waterfall and outlet.  Chef Ken prepared his special Chocolate Peanut Butter cake and the finale for our taste test of Whale Bay Alaska.  See the 2-part video below.

Chef Ken Bruton with Chocolate Peanut Butter cake.

The amazing tasting cake!

White King salmon, halibut, and Red King salmon
barbecued on a cedar plank.

Thursday, June 5th:  This would be the last full day of fishing for Gerard and Ken.  They fly back to California's Central Coast on Saturday.  With that in mind, we were the first boat fishing the Bay this morning at before 6am.  It was a fine day and we caught more Cohos and Kings, spending almost 12 hours on the water in fishing mode.  We pulled into a very calm Still Harbor after 6pm, just in time for a kayak ride and night cap.

Sea birds see the bait which attracts game fish - lets fish here!

The wind and waves cease just inside Still Harbor at Whale Bay.

Friday, June 6th:  We were fishing again before 6am but stowed the gear at 8am for the ride back to Sitka.  Gerard and Ken had a ton of fun and are a great crew. They can fish, clean, and chef quite well for a couple of married guys. Look forward to crewing with them again.

Gerard had a video message for Rudolph, a Wild Blue crew arriving from Lithuania in late July.  Check it out.

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