Sunday, June 1, 2014

2014-14 Around Cape Ommaney and up theWest Coast of Baranof

Sunday, June 1st, 2014: Around Cape Ommaney and up the west Coast of Baranof.

We were out of ship's cove by 6:30AM and eventually pointed southward towards Cape Ommaney with expectations to be somewhere on Baranof Island's west coast this evening.

Today's route.
Wooden Island just off Cape Ommaney looking south.
The Island was named after Issac Wooden an member of
Captain Vancouver's expedition when he died in a boating
accident off Cape Ommaney, one of the very few to die on the
entire northwest expedition.
With about a knot of ebb current pushing us towards the Cape, we expected bunched up and sloppy seas.  Once there, we bounced around the Cape and turned northwestward.  Upon reflecting, we probably passed too close to shore, and a lot of waves were reflected back to us, causing the somewhat messy seas.

Cape Ommaney looking northwest.
After rounding, the westerly winds built up to about 20 knots as the boat pushed through the chop, but within a couple hours the wind softened to 10 knots.

Looking into Big Branch Bay with a 3600-foot peak just beyond.
Baranof Island's west coast has many bays with mountain peak
backdrops, a multi-dimensional photographers canvas.  
We checked out Puffin Bay but continued northwest and fished around Redfish Bay.  Caught a couple Coho's but no King salmon and after anchoring for a 2-hour nap, we again headed NW up the coast.  Finally at 7:30 we entered Byron Bay, anchored in about 60 feet and dropped a line in for bottom fishing.  It didn't take long for us to land a 50-lb Halibut.

Looking to sea from Redfish Bay.
Entering Byron Bay in beam seas.
Gerard displays a 50 lb Halibut.
Fresh Redfish Bay Coho steak lightly seasoned and BBQ'd.
Chef Ken Bruton's Chocolate Peanut Butter pie.
One could ALMOST say "When a man can cook like this.....
who needs.........".  BUT WE DIDN'T SAY IT!

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